Nottinghamshire Police is encouraging local communities to help shape local policing in their area by taking part in its new neighbourhood policing priority survey.

The results of the survey will help neighbourhood policing teams to better understand 'what matters' most to the communities they serve, as well as enabling them to focus their efforts on designated neighbourhood priorities within each area.

As Nottinghamshire Police continues to invest in neighbourhood policing, the survey will enable local teams to focus on more of 'what matters' as more officers are recruited and proactive policing teams are introduced across the county.

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1. What do you consider to be good about policing in your local area?
2. What do you believe could be improved about policing in your local area?
3. Do you know how to contact your local neighbourhood policing team?
4. What are the main issues affecting you in your community? (Select your top 5)
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4a. Are there any OTHER policing issues affecting you in your community which are not listed above?
4b. From the issues selected, please indicate which is affecting you the most?
5. Measuring public confidence is important and helps us improve our service to you. How confident are you that the police can tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in your area?

Thank you for providing your feedback.

The survey will support Nottinghamshire Police’s renewed focus on addressing designated neighbourhood policing priorities which are informed by local crime and incident data before being agreed by each area’s neighbourhood policing inspector in agreement with local partners and elected members.